Hello everyone! I am just thrilled with the positive responses that I have received about the site, please keep writing and keep signing the guestbook! It really makes my day. I have been a bit slow lately at keeping up on the building of this site and for that I apologize. I would like to point out that I have recently added several new links, as well as a page that is still under construction, for information on some common disorders. On a personal note, Zach was diagnosed with a speech disorder called APRAXIA at his 3 year team evaluation. You will find a link and information on this disorder added also.  After some serious soul searching I have also decided to add some links and information for our most special parents, those of us who have lost a child at birth or at any other time. Note the new link to the story of my special angel, Patricia Erin. Thanks again for visiting, and keep up the good work!