Some Helpful Links
Here are some of my favorite sites, I have found them to be both a good source of information, and a lot of fun. Check this page frequently as I am sure it will grow as I continue to seek out good locations and information. I very much want to add specific information about particular medical conditions, but until I find out more about copyright info, I will continue to add links to information I find helpful. Enjoy!

Apraxia Kids Web Site
            Information on Apraxia, a speech disorder involving motor planning. Great information! Also has a list serv dedicated to apraxia...wonderful folks here!
Diagnosis Down Syndrome
            articles written by parents of children with DS and many pictures
Down Syndrome: Health Issues
            Current Information on DS by Dr. Len Leshin, includes information on prenatal testing.
Epilepsy Discussion Area
            bulletin bord type discussion area dedicated to epilepsy
 Epilepsy in Young Children
 a really neat site, one of my favorites. find general epilepsy information, and read the stories of other parents
 Epilepsy Foundation of America
            great information specifically realted to epilepsy, and all aspects of dealing with it in your life
Exceptional Parent Magazine
            Wonderful resource for information and advocacy, both printed and on the web!
 The Family Village
            hook up with other parents of similar needs and interests, also a good source of info on a variety of topics
 Hydranencephaly home page
            Positive and informative site! Also check out the hydranencephaly list serv at:
The Johns Hopkins Virtual Childrens Center
           a great place to visit, with information on many neurological conditions, medications, and even some free software downloads!
 The MGH Neurology Web Forums
           a bulletin board type discussion area for an incredible number of medical conditons, not limited to neurology. great info, and great people!
 MGH Neurology Chat Rooms
            live chat on many different medical conditions. great supportive people here.
            a wonderful source of information!
North American Riding for the Handicapped Association. Information on therapeutic riding, hippotherapy, and a national directory to services in your area!
National Network for Child Care, Child Developement Info
            some good information on child developement, and more resources
National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities
             advocacy, resources, and more!
NICU Special Needs Forum
            Wonderful info and some great links
One moms View of Autism/PDD
            Extremely comprehensive site complete with some parent screening information
Our Kids List Serv
            great parents support with some really nice people!
Parents Helping Parents
            just what it says! network with other parents for support.
The Parent Advocate News
            monthly newsletter with some great info.
Raging Hearts Afire
            a great site filled with links to OTHER great sites and info on a variety of conditions. also has a chat and message area, with more to come
 Special Child Magazine
            a wondrful on-line resource
            Discussion forum for stories and essays about
disability awareness, rights and inspiration.

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