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To My sis.......
all my love always.

As these lights brighten our northern skies, so your mothers spirit lights heaven. In body only she is lost to you, her essence remains; The kalaidescope of all she was to you forever colouring your life, your thoughts, your dreams. When one looks at the Aurora, one sees a miriad of shades and perceptions, not clearly defined by human eyes, interpreted by each onlooker differently and yet nonetheless beautiful. And so it is with our spirits, mysterious and eternal, the gift we leave those who can not accompany us on our final journey. Miraculously intricate, seeming so distant, but yet only as far away as our love.

Dearerst sis,
words can not make it all better. but something in me poured these out to you. a part of myself i am yet to fully understand, a secret place still growing. all i know was that this photo spurred an awakening in me, and the words cried out to be written. in this time of so many mixed emotions, never forget that i am here. with all my love and deepst concern,